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EngageWell IPA welcomes new Members who can help strengthen our network. We are actively seeking mission-aligned members who diversify our geographic reach and improve our service capacity.

EngageWell is a diverse network of health and human service providers that are unapologetic harm reduction advocates, innovative change agents, courageous collaborators, and social & racial justice architects.

EngageWell’s approach to care is informed by decades of grass-roots advocacy for the rights of disenfranchised, low-income communities impacted by the HIV and substance use epidemics.

Today, our FQHCs offer medical care to >16,000 NYC residents a year, our behavioral health clinics serve >30,000 people a year, and tens-of-thousands more receive care in our SDOH programs.

If you would like to learn more about IPA Membership and how to join, please request a meeting.